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Thursday, 19 November 2015

What I've been Up To - Not Much!

I really thought that when I had a sewing room I would do so much more sewing but really we've been so busy lately that hasn't been the case.

Nevertheless I managed to find some time a week or so ago to start on a couple of Christmas presents. You know how you find some projects that you like but you don't have time when you see it and you keep a copy of it for later on? Well I had a few of those put aside as potential Christmas present projects and I pulled this one out to start with.

Only problem is I don't know where I got it from! I'm sure it was from a book I borrowed from the library and I assumed it had the book name on the top or bottom but it doesn't so I can't give the credit for the pattern.

Its nice to make something small and simple sometimes. It was fun to pull out a pile of 2.5" strips I had and pick out colours. I haven't really decided for sure who will get these but I think one set will go to my niece who has just come back to Adelaide after living in London for six years.

I started with a combination of pink, yellow and orange and found some offcuts from fabric I used on the back of another quilt which were just the right size to cut the background pieces from. It is white chevrons on white.
Then in no time I had my strips together:
and then they were done!
I had enough background fabric to make at least one more set but possibly two. So I came up with another set of fabrics in blues and greens.

In no time at all I had another set of 4 done!
Sorry I just realised I forgot to take a photo of the finished blue ones! Oh well! Now all I need to do is quilt them - and take a photo of them when they're finished of course.

I thought you might like this photo too. Does anyone else get themselves in such a mess as me? I guess usually I would tidy it up as I used to be cutting in the kitchen at our old house. Here I can make a mess if I want to so I do!
I must get in there and tidy it up, we're having a housewarming this weekend!

Before I go, a couple more photos of my garden's developments. These popped up hidden behind some other plants in the garden. Its a shame they're not at the front!
 A one and only flower on these - I think its a canna lily (not sure if that's right!).
 I never knew these palms had flowers. They almost look like a small wattle flower.
We had these at our other house too but they were more hidden away. This one opened up and then closed up again!
I shared a photo of a native iris previously but this is a lemon version of native iris. Its not a great example unfortunately as a bug had chewed its way through the petals before I found it but you get the idea! This photo doesn't show its true colour which is a lovely pale lemony yellow.
Who knows when I'll get back to the sewing room as I foresee some a major distraction over the coming weeks. More on that next time!


  1. Great placemats, they have given me a good idea on how to use up some scraps and make some presents, so thanks for sharing! The benefit of a sewing room is you shut the door with mess intact and then walk straight back in and recommence work, when you get the time!

  2. I love seeing updates on whats surprising you in the garden. Those placemats look great and perfect for Christmas presents.


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