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Friday, 30 October 2015

A UFO Update

Well despite moving in July and getting my new sewing space all organised I don't seem to have any time for any actual sewing! My UFO for this month was to make something with my string blocks - no wait a minute I think that was last month's UFO.  Never mind, I did at least manage to finish a quilt top with the blocks I started on my recent sewing weekend but that's about it this month.

Not the best shot but due to a mischievous golden retriever

who manages to plant herself on a quilt the minute I put it down to photograph it, I had to put it on our bed to take a snap of it.

This one will be a donation quilt and now I just need to get around to sandwiching and quilting it but somehow I don't like my chances anytime soon as I don't think we've got much free time between now and Christmas. However time will tell. I'm not getting worked up about it, this year has really been all about the move and it was definitely worth it.

I keep finding new things to love about our house. Here are a couple of recent finds.  Firstly even though I knew what this plant would look like when it flowered it still caught me by surprise at how pretty it looks where it is. I should have taken a close up photo but its a native iris and all the buds opened overnight on the same night.
This is another discovery, sitting on the garden bench looking up through the branches of our tree. Just lovely!
On the family line, my younger son had his graduation from his horticultural course.
The ceremony was held at Adelaide Oval. We had been there for an AFL game (sitting right up near the top of the stand in the background - nice and dry in the winter) but it was great to see it from a different viewpoint.  Here's a proud Mum with her baby boy (he just loves it when I call him that!). Not a great photo but it was the best my hubby could manage!

Well that's another month gone, not sure where they're going but they're sure going fast!

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  1. Love the string quilt, looks really great, I think you need to get yourself a design wall happening somewhere in your new sewing space so you can take photos without canine assistance :)
    The native iris look lovely against the pale wall.

  2. What a clever way to use up strings. I love them, although they do make quite a mess in the process. I think a future book of Bonnie Hunter will be a second one using strings. Congratulations to your "Baby Boy". Sandi

  3. The months really are flying by. Your sting quilt looks great, I really like the way you've grouped the colours and used the black strip in the centers. It's wonderful you're finding lovely surprises in the garden. Congratulations to your son on his graduation. He'll be able ti identify the mysterious plants in your new home.


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