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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Busy, busy, busy!

I feel like the last week or so has just zoomed by in a blur of activity!

Last week I was racing to finish my quilt for my sister-in-law's birthday party on Saturday night before I went to the Australian Machine Quilting Festival (AMQF) in Adelaide, South Australia (where I live). More on the festival in another post though.

I managed to put in the final stitches on the label on Wednesday afternoon and got it into the wash and out on my table to dry in time for the festival which started the next day, phew!
 I alternated the quilting between the centres and the block surrounds using a looping vine design.
 That gave it a nice secondary design on the back!
As there were 49 blocks on the front, I added one more to the back and called it '49 + 1' which I though worked well seeing it was for Tracey's 50th!

The theme for her party was 'Red Carpet' and it was black tie. This is my lovely hubby with his Mum and sisters (his brother couldn't make it unfortunately) on the big night which was held at Port Elliot, a seaside country town here in South Australia. From left to right we have Gay, Brian, Tracey (the birthday girl), Betty (my mother-in-law) and Kerrie.

Tracey had a fabulous cake which was all lit up even without candles!

My mother-in-law said she thought Brian looked like Sean Connery on the night so here I am with James Bond!

I do love a man in a suit!

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  1. Gorgeous quilt, one of my favorite fabric lines! You can just trust a man in a tux, can't you?

  2. Clever quilt name idea for your sister in laws quilt . Perfect! Love that quilting too. Im sure it was a hit !

    And look at you and James Bond all dressed up in your finery . You look smashing. (Added bonus – Ive never seen a picture of you before and now I finally know what you look like !!!)

  3. What a great quilt. It was clever to put a block on the back to make the 50 blocks. It looks like a fun party, that's a wonderful photo of you and your husband dressed in your finery.

  4. Oh darn, I'm not sure if my comment worked so here's another. Your quilt is fabulous!! It's was so clever of you to include a block on the back to make up the 50. It looks like a super fun party.


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