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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Freebie Quilt Finished Awaiting Quilting

A little while back I mentioned receiving a paper bag from the teller in the bank. Unfortunately it wasn't a sample bag of cash but some unfinished blocks made from a jelly roll. Jenny isn't very adventurous with quilting and got put off when her blocks weren't turning out exactly the right size and lost interest in the project. I tried to convince her to simply square everything up as she went but turns out that's not her thing!

So lucky me I ended up with lots of lovely fabric bits.  By the time I got them together I was a couple of blocks short to make a quilt the size I wanted as there was one fabric I didn't want to use and the leftovers weren't quite big enough to use.

Luckily for me the lovely Pip offered me some leftover pieces she had from the same designer which co-ordinated beautifully with what I had already and I was able to make enough blocks to end up with a square lap size quilt.

My quilting assistant Livvie of course was assisting me with the correct placement of the blocks!

The finished quilt top:

Then came the hunt for a backing fabric. I had one of those wonderful moments in finding just the right fabric which turned out to be on clearance and saved me plenty! I love it when everything falls into place like that. Its a lovely mix of raspberry and caramel, hmmm sounds tasty doesn't it?

I'm going to give this quilt to my sister in law who is turning 50 late this month so I need to get it quilted! Luckily I'm off to a sewing retreat this weekend and I have got it pinned and ready to get stuck into when I get there.

A big thank you to Pip for her generosity in giving me her fabric to allow me to finish this one. If ever I can help you out Pip you know I will! And of course a big thank you to Jenny at the bank for gifting me the original fabric. I have shown her a photo of my progress and she's glad that I have finished the quilt off. I'm glad the fabric didn't go to waste!

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  1. Looks fantastic, thank goodness for friends with excess fabric I say!

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh! It looks lovely! Those muted colours look fantastic and I love the blocks. Simple but gorgeous.

  3. Bet the teller is kicking herself now she has seen the finished article. Pip is a very generous girl to know, so pleased she was able to help you out. Have fun on your weekend away

  4. It has turned out really well, pleased I could help you out, love the backing fabric too, raspberry and caramel does sound tasty :)


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