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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Stash - Damn That Sale Section!

Well there I was minding my own business being a good girl and not buying any fabric and just like that, Boom! I had whipped in a quick order to Pink Chalk Fabrics!  That's what happens when you get those lovely emails letting you know all the lovelies they have in store. My problem is their sale section!  I just had to have a little look and then I spotted some coated Kate Spain fabric for a bargain price and I was lost!

These little goodies arrived in the mail on Monday (well I couldn't just order the Kate Spain fabric could I?)

This is the one that triggered my spending spree (don't you just love that selvedge? Pity its coated fabric!

Why do I want some coated fabric you ask? Well some time back I saw a pattern (there's a Youtube tutorial as well) for a little bag you hang off your sewing table to put your threads, offcuts etc in and it was made in coated fabric inside so that when you want to empty it the threads etc don't stick to the fabric. Brilliant idea I thought and stored it in the back of my head for when I saw the right fabric, and here it is! You're supposed to use two contrasting fabrics but I'm happy with both sides being the same. Who knows when I'll get around to making it but at least now I have the fabric sorted!

I also picked up these lovelies. The one on the left is Garden for Olivia, Star Flower Blue by Lide Enche and the one on the right is Twice as Nice Blue Blooms by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake.

I couldn't leave these lovely spools behind either! (They're Love to Sew Cool Spools in Black by Michael Miller).

And last but definitely not least these two lovelies. Zen Chic Barcelona Spanish Tiles in Onyx on the left and Erin McMorris, Astrid, Mitte Aquamarine on the right. I have looked at that Aquamarine fabric a few times and its never quite made it into my cart but this was its lucky day! I love the Spanish Tiles mostly as it has splashes of orange and I can see it teaming with some of my orange stash fabric beautifully.

It also happens to have the cutest selvedge!

Very happy with my splurge.  Nothing was over $9 US a yard and some were only $5 and $6 so easy on the hip pocket too. Only problem is I might have done the same thing this week over at equilter.com but that's another blogpost because that fabric hasn't arrived yet!

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  1. Lovely fabrics! Who can resist those sale sections, I wonder!?

  2. Stopping by from MS linky Sunday Stash report.


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