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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Star Surround Quiltalong - Surrounds!

Well another intense week of sewing in the Star Surround Quiltalong - at least it was if you decided to make 16 blocks like me!  I spent a bit of time dithering about making design decisions about which surround would go with which centre but I can still change my mind when I'm putting them together without too much drama.

This week was all about two components, the sides and the corners and while pretty straightforward to put together, it did require some significant time at the machine on my days off!  I wanted to get them done and out the way during the week though as I REALLY need to do our tax returns and catch up on a HUGE pile of filing I have been ignoring by sewing instead of doing it!  (Lets just say I think the last time I did a proper filing session was 12 months ago!).  Anyway, enough of boring stuff you want to see what I've been up to right?

I was trying to be all artistic in laying out all the pieces but what I ended up with was a dog's breakfast!

So I decided to just lay them out in a grid fashion, boring but better!

I couldn't resist laying a few blocks out to see what they'll look like once I've sewn them together:

Loving this quiltalong!  I didn't really have a plan for this quilt when I started and now I've found out a niece is having a baby (after a few false starts) so I might take some of the blocks and make a baby quilt for her. That would leave me with only 7 blocks but I still have enough of most of the fabrics to make some more blocks to make another quilt down the track.  Don't you think it would make a pretty baby's quilt?

I don't think I'll get around to quilting it before the big parade but I'll be happy with just getting it put together by then!


  1. Very pretty! And lots of stitching, too! These blocks are sooo pretty - love this QAL. I need to get my "surround" post published sometime today.

  2. This is coming along beautifully Sue

  3. Love the pattern and the colours!

  4. Looking great Sue. Although they would make a good baby I'd keep the 12 blocks together and use the left over fabric for the baby quilt and maybe scale them down a bit

  5. I love seeing your blocks come together!! So fun!!! Great job on finishing up all those pieces. That is a lot of sewing ;)


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