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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

And Sew On - Big Stash (and something to make you jealous!)

Well, made it in before the end of the month!  Didn't think I was going to get there this month as I've been busy with my Star Surround Quiltalong commitments but due to a bonus sewing day at home this block got done after all!

Tuesday morning I arrived at work to find that our building had been flooded with large amounts of water the night before - ick!  Very wet carpets, collapsed ceiling tiles, damp smells, no electricity so no phones, computers etc.  Sounds like a bad thing right? Only partly (for me at least!) as fortunately the part of the building our office is in stayed dry so no loss or damage to sort out, my boss is on annual leave this week so no clients to cancel and no way I can stay and work so home again I go!  That means bonus sewing time for me!

This was how I spent my time:

Not too bad.  I should have used a darker solid colour for the interior of the cupboard to give it a better contrast but it will do!  Had to hunt around for some fabric with appropriate writing for the book stack:

I decided to add a bead rather than piece the door handle and I found just the right one:

It looks a bit like one of those pretty crystal door handles don't you think?

Off to link up on Kristy's blog post.  Only one block to go on this BOM.  Then I will have to think about how I decide to put them all together.

Oh and the bit to make you jealous?  This weekend I'm heading off with 4 other lovely ladies for some serious crafty action. We're heading off to North Beach at Wallaroo for a weekend of sewing (or other craft of choice) by the seaside.  So by the seaside in fact that it is beachfront! Just so you will be jealous, here are some photos from last year's getaway.  Looking towards the town of Wallaroo:

and the other direction:

Try to ignore the fact that it was obviously bin day and that the tide was out at the time and you get the picture!

We have had a very wet winter here in Adelaide this year and the weather has suddenly brightened up this week and they are forecasting lovely weather over the weekend (low 20's) just in time for lunching on the balcony and watching the sea!

So this Friday night I'll be heading off with my bestie (in her new car!) for a weekend of sewing in my PJs, chatting, laughing, walking on the beach and generally totally enjoying myself! Woohoo!

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  1. Oh that door handle looks great! Mine ended up a slightly strange shape, so I might have to cover it up with a nice bright bead! I love your fabric choices.


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