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Thursday, 2 May 2013

And Sew On - May Block

I love it when the first of the month falls on a Wednesday as its my allocated sewing day.  It lets me get stuck into that month's projects straight off the bat!

The block for May for the And Sew On BOM was Keep Calm and Press On.  Funny how I'm happy to fire up the iron for pressing anything quilting related but drag it out for actually ironing clothes? No way, too much trouble!  Anyone else have that problem?!

Anyway, after considerable muckups, unpicking and starting over in the case of one piece of the pattern, along with some sessions of, lets say, language which was not child friendly (luckily I was home on my own!) I finally managed to finish this block yesterday. I can't believe it took me most of the day!  I should point out that the problems I had were all of my own making, not related to the pattern itself, which was perfectly fine!

Pretty happy with it, although I would have liked the patchwork on the ironing board to stand out more.  That was my fault because I changed my fabric choice for the ironing board at the last minute and didn't think about how it contrasted with the patchwork bit.  Never mind, its okay!  It should fit in nicely with my others:

Just noticed how washed out that photo looks.  The yellow fabric on the cotton reel block is the same fabric I used on this month's block!  Not very yellow in this photo.  Oh well, I'll take a better photo down the track!

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  1. I love my iron when it is helping me make a quilt, but when it involves clothes, get nicked! I hope it doesn't revolt! Haha Your block is awesome, and Kristy said this would be a tough one!

  2. What a great bunch of blocks - I can see some of them could be very tricky!!

  3. Very nice block! I'm ironing as few clothes as possible.

  4. Oh it turned out so well! Sorry it caused you a bit of grief in putting it altogether - it was well worth the effort, it looks so great!

  5. Your blocks are sooo cute! Love your fabrics!

  6. I really love your floral iron, it´s so cute.


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