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Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Little Block Update

I've been missing from blog land for a little while as my PC is giving me grief. It has a tendency to just switch itself off when the mood takes it so I haven't been able to get enough time to blog. Hopefully it will be friendly and let me at least get this post done before it has a hissy fit!

I'm a member of the Quilting Block Swap Australia blog and my partner for May was the lovely Kelly. You might remember I sent her this block:

During the week I received my block from Kelly, this lovely purple and green combo:

Thank you Kelly, that should be the last one I need to have enough now to put together.  Not sure how I will lay them out yet, but I have a few ideas - watch this space!

From June I have picked this block to collect. Its a Scrapbuster block from the Little Miss Shabby blog here.

I thought I better make a practice block and it really is true what they say about scrappy blocks. It doesn't matter if some of your fabrics are a bit ugly, when you mix them all up (particularly when they are all tiny bits) it looks great.

Now I haven't blogged since Mother's Day and I know its a while since then but I just had to share a couple of photos! Firstly Mr Quilty Bits gave me these lovely flowers:

My older son Kieran made me brekkie in bed (sorry, no photos - I was in bed!), then my younger son Simon made dinner (which was part of a school project so hence the photos!).  He made me this lovely Penne Carbonara:

Simon wants to be a chef, so in the interests of practice, I'm always happy to help test anything  he makes.  Here is the 'ta da' moment!

I don't often get a smiling photo of Simon so just had to share!

Hopefully I can manage to blog again this week, PC willing.  Thanks for visiting my blog today,

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  1. a very newsy post, glad your computer behaved for you. That scrappy test block may be "borrowed. Its a perfect use of the left over sashing strips from my flower Garden quilt.
    Having meals cooked for me is one of the things i miss about my girls leaving home. Hubby cooks but is not adventurous. enjoy it while you can


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