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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Block Swap Block (Well Blocks Really) Received

Back in July I was matched up with Encarna in Spain as my partner and although she did let me know that my block had been mailed, I had given up on it as it never arrived.  I assumed that perhaps the mail service in Spain is not all it could be, but perhaps I'm being a bit hard on all the Spanish postal workers!

To my surprise today I received an unexpected squishy surprise, two blocks from Encarna!  I couldn't quite read the postmark so not sure when they were sent but they are certainly worth the wait.

First this lovely aqua teamed with a sort of orangey/red:

and this gorgeous yellow and black one.  I really love that swirly yellow fabric in the star.

All up now I have seven.  Might need to ask for perhaps red, orange, pink or yellow background colours on the next few blocks I think!

Loving all the different bright colours.  Its fun to see what different people do with the same block don't you think?!

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