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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Block Swap Goodies

Well today the postman was my favourite person!  I received both of my August Quilting Block Swaps! My first swap partner was Noelene from NSW who asked for a log cabin half black on white and half white on black with a red centre.  This is what I made for Noelene:

This is the block that Noelene sent to me, along with a colour co-ordinated card!

I had two swap partners this month and my second swap buddy was the lovely Ruth from Idaho in the USA. We had some lovely chatty emails over the month! Ruth is new to the group this month and hadn't really any set ideas for her block other than suggesting a Churn Dash with an Australian twist. Luckily I happened to have some Australian wildflower fabrics leftover from other projects so this is what I sent Ruth:

Ruth then sent me not one but two blocks as she was worried they weren't good enough! I think she's selling herself short, they are both lovely!

I'm not sure which one I like most.  I love the flowers and the lovely red fabric on this one:

But I do love my blues! Hmmm, maybe this one is my favourite after all!

Thank you to both Noelene and Ruth for your lovely blocks and welcome to the group Ruth!

I have four blocks now in this pattern, I'm looking forward to seeing what other colour combinations people come up with over the coming months.  Here is what I have so far:

My idea was to have a really colourful, cheery quilt at the end.  I think its definitely heading in the right direction don't you?


  1. it will be lovely and cheery, now you need some yellow and green in there :)

  2. Ooh lovely blocks - both those that you sent and those that you received! Definitely going to be a lovely cheery quilt!


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