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Monday, 23 April 2012

My Little Helpers!

Thought I'd share a photo of my new little helpers who have been holding my binding in place while I hand stitch it down. Aren't they cute little people?

My boss got them (and a great magnetic oval doodad which is great for holding my pins!) when he presented at a WorkCover conference last year and he gave them to me. I hadn't thought of a use for them until I was looking for my clips to hold the binding down and saw them sitting there and thought 'Aha!'. They're great too, they actually hold the binding flatter than the other type of clip. I only wish I had more of them!  Here's a photo of one up close and personal:

And here's a photo of my lovely old dog, Molly, very intently eyeing off a fly which had been bothering us all day!
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Sue xxx


  1. Oh love those little clips! They make binding look very fun (not an easy feat!!).

  2. Hello from South Africa! The little people clips are magic!!! Molly is a grand old lady!


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