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Sunday 5 January 2020

Star Value - An Overdue Blog Post!

I couldn't remember when I started this quilt but it was really helpful to be able to go back through my blog and see when I started on it.  Turns out it was mid 2013 - I hadn't realised it was quite that long!

The tutorial I used came from Melissa at Happy Quilting and you can find it here.

I started and put aside this quilt many times over the years as it was really about using up my scraps so didn’t really have a deadline. Once I eventually got the first blocks done I really loved the effect so made some more and by the time I eventually got them together I decided this quilt had to stay with me and needed to be larger.

I eventually got it to the point of being finished (I thought) but then it bothered me that the grey diamonds and stars along the edge weren’t finished off.

So more stitching up some part blocks to go all around the quilt. It also helped to bring the size up to what I was looking for.

I laid it on the bed and then at the last minute decided it needed a border of a lovely soft grey feather fabric.

One issue I found when adding the extra part blocks around the edges was that I had changed machines in between making the blocks and making the part blocks and my seams weren’t exactly the same. Frustratingly this meant some lost points when I was putting the last blocks on but I really just cannot bring myself to go back and unpick them so they can stay for posterity!

It was sandwiched for quite a while waiting its turn but eventually got its turn and was finished in January 2109 (I think!).

Looking back at the last couple of years I can see that I need to post about a few quilts that I have made and gifted so there will be some more posts popping up soon I hope.  Perhaps I just need to have one big post and get them all up! At least I will have some sort of record of them.

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