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Friday, 22 January 2016

Feel like I'm getting somewhere!

I feel like this month has been a productive one.

My black and white placemats are now pieced and I think I will take them away with me on my sewing weekend in March to quilt.
 Then I got stuck into my January project - crumb blocks using up my blue scraps.
I have managed to reduce them to at least a third of what I had, with mostly small pieces remaining. Even Marilyn in the background looks pretty please about that!
I already had two blocks before I started. Now I have lots more!

So 14 altogether now. I have started adding black borders to them and I'll share a photo when they're all finished so you can see where I'm going with them.

Its been really hot here in Adelaide lately but more humid than we usually get, which I don't like. I found the time to wash my sons' quilts and dry them before I store them away until winter.
I also finally got around to putting up some fabric circles that I've been wanting to do ever since we moved. I had this idea when we lived at the old house but had nowhere to do it so always had it in the back of my mind for when I did have a sewing room.  After we moved I found an op shop which had these embroidery hoops which all up cost me around $4. Nice mix of sizes too. Had a dig around for some favourite fabrics and voila!
Now I can admire the fabrics whenever I'm in the sewing room or dining room as you can see them from there too.

We've had some new arrivals in the garden over summer. I didn't know these were there, I just thought some of the other plants had died at the end of winter. Turns out they were these lovelies. First up are the buds which open into these lovely pink blooms. Then I'm guessing the leaves will pop up again. They are belladonna lillies.

They are all out now but its been so hot I don't think they'll last very long!

The garden doesn't look as good as it should as its been too hot to get out and pull weeds and everything gets a bit friend in Adelaide in the summer. Can't wait for autumn, I do love the cooler months, just wish they'd hurry up!

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  1. Those crumb blocks are so good...must see if I can create one....love the hoops too.....and very easy to change over when you get bored with them.
    I'm with you about the cooler months....hate summer.

  2. You are super organised Sue. Blocks are great. I've never made them, and your fabric display lovely in the hoops. Different sizes are so effective!!

  3. Wow Sue, you've been busy! I love the fabric hoop idea too - hopefully I'll find some in an op-shop some time!

  4. Love the fabric hoops idea,i may steal that lol. Cant wait to see what you do with the blue crumbs. Im in Whyalla SA so i know how you feel about the heat we are all over it.

  5. Great progress on getting all those crumb blocks together. An almost empty scrap bin is a great accomplishment. Such happy fabric circles. Sure to brighten any room.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your BLUE Crumb Blocks, as I made Crumbs all last year for the RSC. The fabric circles are a great way to showcase some of your favorites! Enjoy those lilies while they last. Beautiful!!

  7. I really like your crumb blocks! What a good idea for the littlest scraps. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful flowers, too. We are in the middle of winter here in Colorado and I'm so looking forward to spring and flowers again!

  8. Colorful crumb blocks - love them!

  9. I like your crumb blocks; they remind me of mosaics. Your son's quilts are great too and the garden beyond looks so inviting. Your new lilies are so pretty too.


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