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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Changes Afoot at My House

Well March just disappeared on me and I didn't manage to finish my UFO for that month.

I did however get quite a bit done and will try and finish it if I can but a couple of things have been taking up my time.  One of these things is that after lots of soul searching and some sleepless nights for me, we have decided we need to sell our house and buy another one.

The reason?

Our house of 29 years is cracking up (which it has done before but not to this extent) and after an engineer's report which gave us three options to consider we decided we don't have the energy or the finances to throw any more money at this house.  So we've decided to put the place on the market and let someone else bulldoze it and sub-divide the block and rebuild, while we look for something in our budget with what we need from a house in a location that will work for us for hopefully many years to come.

Given that we have two adult children still at home for a few more years yet while they save their house deposits we need to accommodate four adults, one golden retriever, four cars and a camper trailer along with a large number of finches in three aviaries. The other most important proviso is that there must be some sort of room for my sewing and I'm pretty flexible about what form that might take but there must be one.  I'm currently sewing in the hallway and I think its time I had my own space.  The house needs to be near good public transport into the city and in a location where the other three can head in three different directions for work. Piece of cake, right?!

So given we have 29 years of crap, I mean possessions that need to be gone through and hopefully drastically reduced I've been a touch busy. Our Easter weekend has involved going through each room and every cupboard and reviewing what we really need and donating or dumping the rest.

Then we'll be starting to pack up stuff we don't need for a while to declutter the house and clean it up so it looks better in the photos.  Our area at the moment is going crazy with redeveloping and subdividing blocks, including the block directly across the road. One of the new homes is up for sale at a remarkable amount so I hope it sells before we hit the market so buyers can see what they can make from ours and give us a reasonable price.

I love the location of this house (although the house itself and I have a love/hate relationship) and if I could I'd bulldoze it and build again in the same location but without a X-Lotto win that's not going to happen so move we must.

What that all means is probably very little sewing for me until we re-settle which I'm not looking forward to - the lack of sewing, not the re-settling! I'm already having withdrawal symptoms and I haven't even packed a thing from my sewing. So bear with me and I'll hopefully be able to sneak a bit of sewing in now and again until things really get happening and if you know someone looking for a great investment block in Adelaide send them my way!


  1. Wow Big decisions!! At least you know what you are looking for, I think it helps you to know the right house when you find it, and it sounds like a good time to sell while the neighbourhood is in a building frenzy. I love your quilt top in the first photo, it's such great colours and a eye catching layout.

  2. Good luck! Selling and buying a new house is quite a consuming business, we did it last year. I am impressed that you have already sorted out all the rooms in the house. Dont do the sewing room....just box everything you don't want to work on, leave out a hand project or something "easy". Then when you find your new house and move it -tackle the sewing room then. Because if you are sewing in a hall you have no storage space....and the new place is bound to have more.....so don't sacrifice anything until you have to!! Besides when you are flat out busy, making rational decisions about precious sewing things is too hard!

  3. Wow! Good luck with everything! I really hope that it all goes as smoothly and as easily as it can!

  4. Oh Sue, that is a BIG change for you. Good luck with all it entails. Keep you eye on the end reward...your own sewing room... and ride the rest.

  5. Oh Sue. ..you will be busy...good luck findibg what you need....as I read that I was thinking SEWING ROOM dont forget the sewing room...I hope you end up with a large light filled space.
    love the quilt too...look forward to its finish.


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