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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

This Month's UFO and Other Bits and Bobs!

This month my UFO is to finish and quilt my quilt made from my Quilt Block Swap Australia star blocks. Some time ago (and without checking I'm not sure if it was last year or the one before!) I added some coloured sashing to each block and put them together on point with black sashing. I finished up with a quilt with the corners missing and I couldn't decide if I wanted to leave it that way or not and it got pushed to the side. Its number did come up last year but I was in the middle of finishing my brother's birthday quilt and so it got pushed to the side again.

No more excuses, a decision needed to be made!  Not exactly helped by my dog who insisted on parking herself on the quilt when I tried to spread it out for a look.  No quilt is complete without her input!
Okay so lets try that again but without the dog model! So as you can see no corners but I kind of like it that way. In the end I decided it was an awkward shape for a bed and this quilt is really a double bed size or a generous king single. 
I liked the way it worked at the foot of the bed (sorry I don't have a photo on the bed) but it didn't look right at the top so I decided to add black corners to the top only, a relatively easy fix. I plan to quilt some star shapes into the black to add interest as I had thought I might add half stars to the corners but I think adding interest in the quilting will be the way to go.
I managed to get it sandwiched and ready to quilt (having just exactly the right amount of wadding left from my last purchase), only to find I don't have any black quilting thread....sigh! I'm happy to get some colour happening on the stars but I do want to stabilise it by ditch stitching the black sashing so looks like I'll need to order some.
As luck would have it I received a lovely Aurifil colour chart in the mail last week which I ordered from Ms Midge

 I might have to try some of these lovely variegated threads!

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