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Friday, 21 March 2014

Castle Ceiling Project Update

My long term handstitched project continues to slowly come together.  I'm making this pattern in blues on a yellow background.

First I made 121 assorted blue Dresden plates and 100 yellow crosses:

The I started joining them into pairs (here are some laid out on the floor to see how they're going to look):

At the risk of permanently cutting off circulation in my knees and really upsetting my back I crawled around on the floor last weekend and laid out all the blocks on a polar fleece blanket (they nearly all fit) and spent some considerable time tweaking the layout to get the right 'random' placing.  With that done I managed to creak my way back to upright eventually and went to bed around 1.30am! 

Had another look the next morning and tweaked a few blocks again and then crawled around on the floor again pinning them to the blanket before rolling it up around a cardboard tube. Phew!

Not sure my knees and back have quite forgiven me yet!

Now I'm slowly joining the diagonal rows together, emphasis on slowly! My eyesight is not what it used to be and handstitching causes me to give up on my glasses and work 2 inches from my nose at times so I can't do a lot at once!  Think its time I bought one of those magnifying lens things you hang around your neck! Has anyone tried one of those for craft work? Are they any good?

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  1. I really like this quilt and wondered at its progress. .very pleased to see it on the home stretch. Have you tried the magnifying glasses from the chemist? Some people perch them over their regular glasses., I have one of the magnifying thingys ... somewhere LOL, if you want to try it out.

  2. Love this quilt, great pattern and colour combo. But I think you need to go see an optometrist first then you might not need bother with bulky magnifying glasses!

  3. Hello Sooli,
    The shades of blue with the creamy yellow look really lovely. This will be such a smart looking classic quilt. You must be really pleased seeing it coming together. I am filled with awe at the thought of all that hand stitching...
    Love from England,

  4. Oh - it looks lovely and a clever idea to pin it to something to keep it all in place.
    mmm sounds like a special pair of glasses for hand sewing???

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! And all that hand stitching - wow! I hope your knees and back forgive you!


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