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Friday, 7 February 2014

Where does the time go?!

Seriously, where did the last week go? I had plans of writing a couple of blog posts and never even got close. Still I'm here now!

So, what have I been up to? Well we had to run a garage sale for my hubby's Mum so she could move in with his sister. I noticed a nice set of deep drawers that would work as a better storage system for my fabric so my fabric has gone from this:

The bliss of opening and drawer and seeing straight away what fabric I have! I do still have two plastic tubs, one for my scraps and one for my UFO projects for the year but its so much easier to see my fabric now.
We've had a lovely magpie family visiting our backyard this year (mainly because our old dog isn't here anymore to woof at them and chase them off!) and they have become old friends. A couple of weekends ago I was sitting outside having brekkie when down came Mum magpie to see what I was up to (and to scrounge a bit of toast).
We don't generally feed them but they do sometimes come down for a chat when my hubby is getting ready to feed his aviary birds so they do score a mealworm now and then.  Poor magpie, today when I got home there was a very hot magpie standing in the shade of our tree trying to keep cool (its around 37 degrees celcius here today). I'll pop the sprinkler on later to let them have a cool down, Mum particularly loves getting good and wet under the sprinkler sometimes!

On the sewing front, I have made my Quilting Block Swap Australia block for my swap partner.  This month I was matched up with Maria from Nova Scotia in Canada.  She was after a boat block which was great as I had just the right the fabric for the water! A nice easy block to make too. Hope she likes it.

I'm also a Swap Block Angel for QBSA and this month one of our ladies is sitting out of swaps as she has been diagnosed with cancer.  Her block choice was an attic window in black, white, red and grey and this is the block I sent her:

Last weekend we had a family wedding in Port Elliot, a seaside town in South Australia.  It was another very hot weekend and we had made a wise decision to travel down on Friday night and stay over until Sunday.  It was a lovely location for the wedding, just soooooo hot!

 Here are the new Mr and Mrs  -  Marita and her hubby Clint (which also happens to be her brother's name - what are the odds of that?)!

Here is my hubby's Mum (on the left) and his Aunty Betty, both looking gorgeous! Mum looks happy here but we had a few teary moments during the day and evening as my father-in-law couldn't be there due to his health and Mum found it very hard to be there without him.

What do you think of the barefoot Catholic minister? I love his hat! If that was his good wedding hat I have to wonder what his fishing hat looks like!

Down on the beach is where I would have liked to have been, with my feet in the water!

Just to finish with a bit of quilty goodness, the lucky number for the UFO quiltalong over at Aunt Marti's blog is 6.  My UFO for this month is to use my rainbow charm squares I received from a Facebook group in a quilt.  I have had the fabric and an idea for a pattern ready in my mind since last year but this was one of the UFOs I had to let go with all the family dramas late last year. Here's a teaser:

Watch this space for more photos!

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  1. This drawers will be fabulous - good luck keeping it neat and organised....I.m sure some little devil sneaks in from time to time and messes mine up....Lovely setting for a wedding - got to feel extra sorry for the guys in suits.

  2. thats a terrific chest of drawers Sue, very useful . We'll have to talk one day about how you and yours got to the same wedding as friends of ours. Such a small world. Hope you have as much success this year with your baggies


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