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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Stash at Molli Sparkles!

Well around Christmas time (with my trusty Christmas bonus from my boss burning a hole in my pocket) I couldn't resist and hit the eQuilter.com clearance sale to stock up on some fabric goodness.

Being the slack type that I am I finally got around to snapping some photos and so can share my new arrivals with you. (I may or may not have also been to the Spotlight clearance as well but as I forgot to snap photos there is no evidence so I'm not admitting anything!).

First up are a couple of batik lovelies. The one on the left is Morris Flower in Mulberry and I just fell in love with it. The colour is just gorgeous so into the envelope it went.  The one on the right is Greenhouse 2, Forest Leaf Batik in Golden Sand and didn't photograph very well but is equally lovely!

A mixed bunch in the next photo. The one on the left is Garden Elegance, Leaves of Beauty in Cherry Red and was another love match for its rich colour.  On the right is Istanbul - Turkish Delight in cobalt blue/gold colourway.  Not sure what I'll do with it but it called my name so here it is.  In the centre is Lil Miss Sew & Sew - Thimbles Aplenty in pewter and may well end up as a backing on my And Sew On wallhanging. 

Thought it needed a close up of the detail in the thimbles!

This last group I bought with a quilt in mind for my brother who has always loved the sea and used to sail.  I have a loosely formed idea in my head and am currently collecting fabrics which remind me of the sea.   On the left we have Makower Coastal - Weathered Wood in sandy beige, in the middle is Neutral Territory - Scribble Circles in seafoam/gold which is a lovely subtle fabric. On the right is Gatherings - Marbled Tones in ocean blue and to me just takes me into the waves!

So there you have them. Now I have to behave myself as I want to hang on the rest of my bonus so I can do some classes as the Australian Machine Quilting Fair here in Adelaide in October!

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  1. That thimble fabric is fascinating... love it! And great choices for your brother's sea quilt.

  2. Love the thimble fabric, think it needs to be on the front of something!

  3. a nice selection Sue. reminds me i had meant to see if you needed any strips for your rainbow herringbone , darn it!

  4. Well you did pretty good to still have half of the bonus left! haha … You know I love a good batik and these do not disappoint! I see Sheila was asking if you needed any strips for you broken herringbone… I can totally volunteer some too! What colours and your address and I'll send ya some!


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