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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Something New Sampler - Finished!

As you might be aware I have been following along with the Something New Sampler hosted by Amy at The Cute Life.  I finished the blocks a couple of weeks ago and have been thinking about how to put my blocks together and finally came up with this arrangement.

My hubby thinks there is too much white but my plan is to quilt each block individually and then fill in all the white with free motion quilting so I see the white as something useful! 

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this one when its done but I've now decided to send it to my niece living in London.  I haven't made her anything quilty yet and the added bonus is that my brother, her father is travelling to London to have a holiday with her for Christmas - so guess what her present will be! That will save me a heap on postage and also give him some room in his case to bring home some souvenirs!

These are my favourite blocks of the group so I decided to put them together (well more like they ended up together by happy circumstance but lets say I planned it that way!).  I would have liked to border all the blocks in the pink but I didn't have much left so I decided to alternate between green and pink.

This quilt was good for me to see that I can keep up with a weekly project if I push myself (although I'm glad it was only for 5 weeks!).  It has been so interesting and inspiring to see what everyone else has been doing with their blocks and fabric combinations too.

If you'd like to see what everyone else has been up to, you might like to visit the Flickr page for the group.

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  1. It's lovely! What a great layout :) can't wait to see all that quilting :)

  2. I love the layout! That's a really clever idea - looks lovely!

  3. It will be a stunning quilt and I'm sure your niece will love it!

  4. I love all the white! Some amazing FMQ which I know you'll bring to the party, will really set it off!

  5. brilliant finish Sue, makes me wish i had stitched along.. i would totally have pinched your layout tho. FMQ in the negative space would really make the blocks pop. You could make a date to come and use "Sugar"

  6. What a great layout for a sampler! I've been hesitant to do one because I thought that the finish would look a little too traditional, but I think you've just inspired me!! :)

  7. Your layout it's the best of all. I wish I have done it that way :-)

  8. It's looking great, what a smashing present for your niece :)


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