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Friday, 23 March 2012

Solstice Stars (and others!)

I started off by making the stars from the Solstice Stars series on Fresh Lemons blog and then decided I quite liked what I had done to date so then I added some from the Summer Sampler Series on the same blog. Eventually I decided I would need at least 16 blocks so I found a few more on www.quilterscache.com. I only have two more to do now so thought I'd share a photo of what I have so far.
I had to do a bit of a rethink after I made the star with the red background as it was so completely unlike all the rest I had up to that point as the others all had white backgrounds. Not sure what I was thinking there! So then I decided to make one with a mix of red and white which was the 'Navy Star' from Quilterscache on the right side of the second row. The one below it ended up quite dark compared to the others as well. In hindsight I should have put white where the blue is and blue where the white is but its done now and do quite like the block. My favourite so far is the one second from the left on the bottom row, called 'New Star' another one by Marcia Hohn at Quilterscache. Might have to use that one again sometime in another project!

Here's a photo of my quilting helper Molly, who insisted in reclining all over the blocks a couple of days ago when I had them spread all over the floor. Fortunately I managed to get them out from under without any damage. Maybe she's just telling me she wants me to name this one after her!

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